School building are built for functionality and efficiency, but they also often have an unrealised beauty to them.
Every town needs a school, and as towns grow, old schools are left and sometimes fall into disrepair.
But these optimists have claimed some fascinating and beautiful old school and turned them into their homes. Take a look below.

  1. 1. School House in country New York.

This tiny school house is located in an isolated township in country New York, in America.
The quaint interior and the buildings isolation make this a delightful little getaway. Most of the woodwork is original, and objects like the library ladder when kept to retain the building’s character.
Home converted from old New York School house Amazing isolated home made from school house Interior iof home made from schoolhouse Interior room of home adapted from old schoolhouse

2. Highschool converted into apartments.

Highschools are often brutally functional; with cold metal railing and simple layouts.
But for some, that’s the perfect starting point for a living space. This old high school was refurbished and divided up into apartments.
Highschool converted into a home Old high school turned into living space

3. Toronto High School from the 60s.

This Toronto family bought an entire school that was built over 70 years ago.
The left most of the interior intact, changing only what was required to make the building more energy efficient and easier to heat.
Exterior of school, now a house house-milford14re6 Old school basketball arena turned into living room

4. Tiny school house in Canada.

One of the benefits of converting an old school is that they tend to be quite large, which is great for big families.
Not so with this school, which must have had a single class (and a small one at that). This tiny school is now a tiny cottage for a small family to live in.
Tiny schoolhouse turned into homeSmall interior of old school

5. Australian industrial school.

Old technical schools are often filled with big, clunky furniture and rough brick. And that’s exactly what some people are looking for in a home.
The amazing building is a perfect example of the overlooked potential of old school buildings.
Exterior of old technical school Interior of technical school converted to home Old technical school, now a house

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