The power and success of a brand’s identity is highly dependent on an ongoing and internal rebranding process. To rebrand your business is a big step which can either be hugely successful or an utter disaster. Thus it is important to get it right. Here are a list of companies who did a spectacular job of rebranding in 2017.
Calvin Klein 
The vastly known fashion brand launched their new logo design on instagram in February 2017. The brand was subtly tweaked with the logo letters being uppercase and placed closer together. The idea of the new logo was to “return to the spirit of the original”, freshening things up a bit without loosing the brand’s iconic global identity.

In July 2017 Converse posted a new logo design on their social media channels and website. The rebrand was designed to “serve the daring spirit of youth with tools that enable movement”. The change was reported to represent a brand moving forward and convey a younger brand image with a brand build more relevant to digital viewers. 
For the first time in it’s history youtube decided on a new marketing plan in August 2017. YouTube’s official blog Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan discussed the need for the new look to reflect the amount of change the industry has been through in the last 12 years. He points out that the new logo is “the bright cherry on the top of the update sundae.”

In an attempt to broaden their utility in the mind of users, Dropbox redesigned their brand in a way that was subtle and clever. The modified angles of the opening flaps were all standardised and aligned, transforming the box intro a series of planes.

Southern Living
An American lifestyle magazine, this brand was chosen to illustrate just how subtle rebrands can be. They engaged a reputed typographer to update their text-only logo. She made the letters slimmer, gave them some more space and made minor adjustments to some of the letters. A modern update that didn’t completely overhaul the visual identity.

The famous web browser has recently been doing some exciting things, and the company is beginning to change. They’ve shifted to a stronger focus on coding and knowledge sharing. To reflect the change, they’ve incorporated the :// that’s commonly used in HTML code.

The Huffington Post
The highly successful news blog has updated its image from a traditionalist, simple type face to a bolder and more digital one. Interestingly, the original logo seems to push for an image of tradition, integrity and seniority, intending to compete with major newspaper. The new logo allows the company to finally embrace their unique identity as it really is.