Bettina Eistel is a German dressage rider.
She was born without arms and has since learned to use her feet and her mouth to teach herself a number of things – including riding dressage. eistel3-1024x720
Eistel has won a number of medals at the most prestigious equestrian events, including the 2004 Paralympics in Athens. eistel6-650x1024
Her horse is named Fabuleux 5, and they’ve been a team for most of Eistel’s career. horseback
Eistel takes care of Fabuleux 5 just like we would; the washes, brushes, feeds and trains her horse daily, though she does it all with her feet. hosing-1024x682
When riding, Eistel holds the reigns in her mouth and with her feet, a combination that had lead her to worldwide victory and success. saddling-1024x735

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