Go big or go home. Big span sheds with large openings are a speciality of Central Steel Build.

Big span sheds need to be expertly engineered for maximum strength and durability. The large shed size and wide openings requires strong foundations, robust joints, and beams and trusses that can take the high stresses inherent to a steel building of this size
This can’t be left to chance, you can’t just ask your local garden-variety shed builder to do it and hope for the best.
You need to seek out the experts with 40 years experience building big sheds. You need a shed builder with a proven design and building processes who can efficiently deliver rock-solid large scale sheds every time.
For ultimate strength, durability and value we use hot-dipped galvanised columns and trusses. The life expectancy of your shed will be in excess of 50 years in most rural environments.
Look no further: Central Steel Build has the experience, the process, and the services required to build you the large shed you need.

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