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We are no longer servicing domestic shed projects. You can lodge a quote at


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10 Gifts That Are Perfect for Horsey People

  1. 1. Horse Saddle perfume.Horse saddle scented perfume

That’s right: perfume that makes you smell like a saddle. Irresistible.

  1. 2. A heavy duty barn coat that still looks nice.

Fashionable horse barn jacket

There’s nothing wrong with a big, over-sized brown monstrosity if it does the job. But wouldn’t it be nice to be able to do barn work in something like this?

  1. 3. A hand knitted horse tree ornament

Hand knitted horse ornament

How cute is this? It would absolutely make the day perfect.

  1. 4. A horse-pattern rolling pin.

Horse patterned rolling pin

So you can bake tiny little horses into everything. Excellent.

  1. 5. A Ralph Lauren riding jacket.

Tweed Ralph Lauren riding jacket

It would be pretty hard to receive something like this and not swoon. A classic (that costs a small fortune)

  1. 6. A $10,000 Hermes saddle.

Expensive Hermes horse saddle

A high-tech saddle by one of the most expensive leather goods producers in the world. If somebody put it into my stocking, I wouldn’t say no.

  1. 7. Horse face socks.

Cute horse face socks

Everybody dreads getting socks for Christmas. But these are the perfect little Christmas gifts for people who love horses.

  1. 8. A stirrup necklace.

Horse stirrup necklace

A lovely little necklace that lets you wear your love of horses all day. Beautiful.

  1. 9. An actual Clydesdale foal.

Clydesdale foal running in field

From people who really love you this Christmas, maybe you’ll get one of these.

  1. 10. Foal Earrings.

Wooden horse earrings

Some nice, simple little wooden foal earrings. A delicate, lovely gift.

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