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5 Inspiring Design Trends for Australian Homes

Small is convenient and stylish

Minimalism is a trend that has taken over home architecture recently. This trend is driven by the current high prices of land pricing and the environmental cost of large homes. Also, the idea of living more simply without compromising quality of life is promoted by minimalism. In accord with this fad architects are needing to factor in the use of space and ease of living when designing homes.


Welcome back nature

The idea of bringing the garden inside the house has come to life in the last few years in forms of rooftop gardens, fern walls and interior design features that celebrate nature. Indoor garden elements bring in a less structured approach to design with a fresh and natural atmosphere.

The trend has been encouraged by largescale projects such as 2009 New York High Line elevated park and the latest Seoul Sky Garden project in South Korea.


Above ground pools


Above ground pools have become common recently in city houses, often around the same size or slightly larger than an inflatable pool. These pools are more design orientated than practical, with the purpose to provide a view of water from the kitchen or living area. They tend to vary in size, with some being big enough to swim laps in while others being only waist-deep in water.


Prep kitchens

For a long time now kitchens have been designed to be an open space in the centre of the home, with easy access from any room in the house plan. This is changing as more people are taking on the idea of a hidden kitchen called a ‘prep kitchen’. These small tucked away spaces allow for food preparation, necessary appliances and the mess of cleaning up to be hidden from sight. This idea allows for the ‘on display’ kitchen to follow a minimal design and be more of a social area in the house for when having guests.


Energy efficient homes

The ideas of energy efficiency and ecological design have found their way into modern architecture building and design. These homes do not only have a lighter ecological footprint, but they are trendy and in fashion at the moment.

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