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We are no longer servicing domestic shed projects. You can lodge a quote at


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5 Lessons from Great Architects for Your Project

  1.  “The sun never knew how great it was, until it hit the side of a building” – Louis Kahn.

    Louis Kahn's National Assembly Building

    Louis Kahn’s National Assembly Building

Natural light is one of the best, most generous resources for use when planning a building. Don’t let it go to waste. Use it.

2. “I don’t know why people hire architects and then tell them what to do.” – Frank Gehry

Gehry's Walt Disney Concert Hall

Gehry’s Walt Disney Concert Hall

If you’re working on a project in a team, find the right people and let them do their work. Great projects are a result of each member working independently towards a shared goal.

3. “You can use an eraser on the drawing table or a sledge hammer on the construction site.” –  Frank Lloyd Wright.

Wright's Falling Water House

Wright’s Falling Water House

Planning is everything. A mistake in planning costs nothing to fix, but an error in construction can take days and cost fortunes. Take them time to plan your building correctly.

4. “I don’t want to be interesting. I want to be good.” – Ludwig Mies Van De Rohe.

The New National Gallery of Berlin

The New National Gallery of Berlin

Great work comes from honest attempts to make something really, really good. If you focus on the details, and make sure you work with people that respect the small things, your building will be memorable.

5. “I prefer drawing to talking. It’s faster and leaves less room for lies.” – Le Corbusier.


Corbusier’s Palace of Assembly

The best way to create something good is to work with people who do things. Anybody can talk about their ideas and their skill, but few people can really show you and prove to you what they can do.

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