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We are no longer servicing domestic shed projects. You can lodge a quote at


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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Building A Shed or Garage

Backyard Shed

Hiring a company that doesn’t deal with building permits.

One of the first questions you should ask is ‘Do you handle permits?’ Hiring a company that leaves this up to you will leave you vulnerable to council regulations that you won’t see coming.

Overlooking frame thickness.

The thickness of the steel in your shed or garage is an important thing to take note of. Cheaper shed companies will use thin C-shaped steel that it more likely to be damaged by severe weather. Look for a company that offers RHS frames, which are thicker, stronger, and enclosed all the way around.

Buying a shed kit.

Shed kits are often fine, but it’s best to find a company that is able to adjust the needs to your shed depending on the location you decide to build.

A really good shed is built specifically for the location it will end up.

Building too small.

Storage space always takes up more room than you expect. If any part of your shed or garage is going to be used for storage,  immediately increase the allocated storage room by about 50%.

Overlooking experience.

If you’re hiring a shed builder, their experience is crucial. If they’ve built sheds before, they’ll know the different options, costs & factors. They’ll also have a good idea of what people end up appreciating about a shed – the small things that inexperienced builders overlook.

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