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We are no longer servicing domestic shed projects. You can lodge a quote at


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The Craziest Building We’ve Built

After we hand over a building to a client, they usually go on to make additions and put in the finishing touches that complete the space and bring their vision to life.

There are usually a few weeks to a few months between the completion of our work and the point at which the space is entirely ready for use. It’s always interesting to see what has been done with the space.

Beautiful Shot of Amazing Daylesford Building

For this particular project, we knew we were in for a surprise. The building itself was very interesting; we left spaces for windows that were going to be low to the ground and asymmetrically set out. The space was long and narrow, with a bed and breakfast to go in one end and an animal pen at the other. We were intrigued.

Gorgeous Wood Panelling

By the time we arranged to visit the space, it had been completely reinvented. A nursery had been installed in the middle section, guest lodgings at one end and a resident llama at the other. It also became the space for cooking workshops and classes.

Amazing interior of designer building

The wooden interior panelling looked amazing and the entire place really came together fantastically. This project had involved designers, architects, our engineers and our construction workers. And all the different moving components came together to perfectly realise the client’s vision. It’s a wonderful space that we’re proud to have built.

Exterior and small llama enclosure

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