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We are no longer servicing domestic shed projects. You can lodge a quote at

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We are no longer servicing domestic shed projects. You can lodge a quote at


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The Incredible Work of Hasan Novrozi

Hasan Novrozi is an Iranian sculptor who uses left-over mechanic scraps to create astoundingly beautiful and complex works of art.

Pieces like the famous Pegasus statue take thousands of hours of work, piecing together metal with a welding painstakingly.

Take a look at some photos of the astounding detail of these artworks, or visit Hasan’s facebook page.

scrap-metal-steampunk-animal-sculpture-hasan-novrozi-06 scrap-metal-steampunk-animal-sculpture-hasan-novrozi-08 scrap-metal-steampunk-animal-sculpture-hasan-novrozi-011 (1) scrap-metal-steampunk-animal-sculpture-hasan-novrozi-13 scrap-metal-steampunk-animal-sculpture-hasan-novrozi-15 scrap-metal-steampunk-animal-sculpture-hasan-novrozi-21 scrap-metal-steampunk-animal-sculpture-hasan-novrozi-23 scrap-metal-steampunk-animal-sculpture-hasan-novrozi-071 steampunk-sculpture-animals-hasan-novrozi-15

To get some ideas & inspiration for your next equestrian build, take a look at our previous builds.

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