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Many schools have proved the benefits of covered learning facilities. It's all about making the most of your space.

With a Central Recreational Covered Over Leaning Areas (COLA) the weather will never impede your timetable again. Covered over playing areas provide an all-weather recreational facility protecting children and adults from the elements.

A tailored, value-engineered solid roof over your ball court or assembly area is a life-time investment for your school, which will enhance your students’ learning experience. Children who are happy at play are more relaxed and engaged learners.

Covered Outdoor Learning Areas provide a supreme permanent solution for schools and sporting facilities, that students can appreciate all year round regardless of weather conditions.  In contrast to shade sails and fabric covers, our steel structures offer a 100% protection from harmful UV rays all year round, allowing for superior air flow and safe, dry space in wet weather conditions.  They don’t break, blow down or tear after a couple of years.

Here at Central Recreational , we are specialists in safe, economical and comfortable structures for everyday athletes and active minds.

We understand the importance of speaking your language, being onsite and having the needs of your students and school at the forefront of the project.

Your once off investment will last a lifetime.

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