Looking to build a stable barn for your horses?
We’ve collected everything you need to know: price, permits & styles.


How much does a stable barn cost to build?
The average cost to build a stable barn is $47,803.
They can range in cost from $17,000 – $200,000, depending on size and complexity. For an exact quote within 24 hours, click here. 


Do I have to contact my local council?
There are usually council permits involved when building stables or other equestrian facilities. The requirements are simple if the building is private use, and slightly more complex if you intend to operate a business from them.
Your builder may handle permits internally, allowing you to avoid the processes and difficulties. This is the case with Central Steel Build – all permits and regulations are handled on behalf of the client.


What kind of stable barn should I build?
There are a variety of different style & designs you can choose for your stable barn.
Popular options are the American and the Australian style barns (read more about the difference here)
You can also take a look at a brochure of different styles to get a sense for what’s available.
Alternatively, take a look at some of the photos below for ideas. A good builder will be able to work with your vision to build exactly what you want.

Combined Arena and stables Equestrian Stables, Romsey 5 EQUINAbuild Barn and Stables Equinabuild Horse Stables in Barn Exterior of Indoor Stable Complex in Ashbourne