1. 1. What kind of arena do you want to build?

There are a variety of ways to build a covered riding arena. What you ended up going with often comes down to the costs, which vary from a half-cover to a fully enclosed indoor arena with attached stables.
Let’s look at some of the different options below.

Half-covered arena 

Full-covered arena 

Open indoor riding arena

Enclosed indoor riding arena

Indoor riding arena with attached stables

What you end up choosing will affect the price of your arena, but you can get a rough idea of price here.

2. Where will you place your arena?

Making sure you have a suitable space is important.
You need easy access, access for vehicles, drainage and you should avoid placing it in windy areas (particularly if your cover has side walls).
It’s also worth considered how it will look. A well placed arena can look excellent, as below:

A well placed arena can also make use of existing features, as this one makes use of the trees as a wind barrier.

3. Who are you going to build with?

Finding a suitable company requires some research. It’s worth looking for a company with local experience, positive testimonials and project management. (You can find a map of our builds here and video testimonials here. Call us on 1300 955 608 to arrange an inspection).
If possible, ask the builder if you can arrange to inspect an arena cover they have previously built. A good builder will arrange this for you.

4. Will you also build stables?

If you’re ready to go all-out, it’s worth considering a combined indoor/stable complex.
These are magnificent structures will ad value to your property. They’re function and sophisticated, everything a horse lover could possible dream of. You can see a brochure of combined stable/indoor models here.