This is one of our most impressive recent builds and is a great example of design, functionality and quality coming together to create an exceptional structure.
Exterior of building with airplanesWe were contacted by a commercial builder that needed a special design and construction solution. We had done a lot of hangars in the past, but had not before embarked on a structure o
f this kind, on this scale. It was a challenge we were very excited by.
Tower of building
As with all things involving aircraft, there were a lot of very specific demands that needed to be met and we knew that this project would need an exceptional amount of attention to detail.
External of airplane tower and building Making sure that every part of the project is completely accurate and precise was crucially important on a complex technical building like this. Luckily, our clients had a thorough understand of their requirements and our engineers were able to work with them to get this project completed and fully functional.
Two Men In Plane Observation TowerThe building looks fantastic and does the job perfectly. Large projects always come together flawlessly when we have the chance to work closely with our clients. Our team of engineers and designers were able to take on board all of the specifications and requirements to create one of the best buildings we’ve ever erected.