Building an indoor arena requires specialist equine experience and specific knowledge of the horse industry.

Central Steel Build follows a robust construction process that is proven to deliver premium results, every time.

1. Consultation

To start off sit down with our equestrian industry specialists so we can fully discover what you have in mind for your indoor riding/dressage horse arena.
We want to know what you imagine, what you need, and what will work best for you. We also start to form a picture of how how we can bring it all together.

2. Site Survey / Inspection

Next we provide a free on-site inspection and survey to assess the suitability of your chosen indoor arena site and to identify any aspects that may become an issue later on, such as site access, drainage, etc.

3. Design & Planning

Our team of qualified arena designers and engineers go to work to design the indoor arena of your dreams. Regular communication during the design and planning phase ensures that the arena blows away your expectations.

4. Building Permits & Approvals 

For rurally located indoor arenas we offer the additional service of looking after your building permit as a registered builder. Talk to us to see whether we can look after your building permit for you.

5. Engineering

Next the finer details of each individual component of the arena are finalised, drawn up, and sent off to be laser cut for fast and accurate manufacturing.

6. Fabrication

Your indoor horse arena hits the factory as our welders set to work manufacturing trusses / columns / etc. Our team is extremely proud of the workshop: visit any time of day and you’ll find everything clean, neat and orderly, and safe.

7. Construction

Teamwork is key when your indoor arena is transported and ready for installation on-site. Our installation teams have been doing this for years, and work closely together to ensure your arena is erected quickly, safely and properly.

8. Hand Over

For you, this is the start of forever after, because our indoor arenas are built to the highest standards: we build them to last. We use only the highest quality 100% Australian steel and components. We have one of the most experienced teams in Victoria, and our workshop uses cutting edge machinery and manufacturing processes.
At the end of the day you are in safe hands. We stand by our work, backed by our rock-solid 12 month structural and workmanship guarantee.

You can trust us… we’ve done this before.

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