Our clients sometimes prefer to go to external engineers or designers to ensure that they’re getting the most cost effective designs possible.
Although we encourage our clients to look at the market and get multiple quotes, is almost always more costly that engineering and designing with the company you choose to build with.

How it saves you money to design & engineer with your builder:

Working through your design issues with the company you intend to build with allows you both to address issues as they arise. The builder understands the on site experience and knows what will and will not work. They’re also able to give you feedback through the process, using examples from previous builds that give you the option to customise your structure.
They also know the ins and outs of building a shed – they understand which design and engineering changes will save you money.
Third party engineers & designers can often overlook things that will become an issue down the line. This will require adjustments to your plans and may delay erection, which can both increase your overall cost.

Our recommendation:

Spend time choosing a builder that you trust and who has years of experience. Ask questions and ensure that they’re inclusive and communicative during the engineering phase. Avoid getting design or engineering work done externally and work with your builder to get the best result.