Creating great (barn) spaces, enhancing lives

State of the art dairy buildings reward you with increased milk production. Time to change the way you farm?

Healthier, happier cows equal a more productive business

Design for effectiveness

Maximise space by taking the time to consider our 10 key factors that will really make a difference to your investment.

Why CSB?

The experience is not just the end product. We understand that a significant build for your business can be a stressful time, yet it doesn’t need to be. As proven dairy barn specialists we want you to enjoy (and gain from) the journey – design to handover.

Advanced dairy farm building design can future proof your farm and set you up for generations.

From first consultation to design to project management, we…

• design
• engineer
• manufacture
• arrange install
• listen*

*This is a game changer when building for your future, good communication can make all the difference

Client testimonial

“The biggest thing we found out – that it wasn’t all about the price because the ROI will be evident immediately”

Dehne Vinnicombe, Jarklin VIC

25% to 2% feedwaste cutback

Just like one of our clients experienced within the first month of operations in his new freestall barn.
“…and that just pays for the shed within itself.”

Save on waste

Watch the ‘Vinnicombe Dairy’ story