What do you do with an old saddle that you’re ready to retire?
From decor to playgrounds, there are plenty of creative ways to use old horse saddles.
Take a look at our ideas below:

  1. 1. Turn Them Into Bar Stools.

Barstool 2 Bar stool horse saddles

2. Cut it in half an mount it in a frame. Horse Saddle Framed

3. Turn it into a decorative lamp.

Horse Saddle Made into lamp shade

4. Decorate your mailbox with it. Horse Saddle Mail Box

5. Get two and make them into a see-saw.

Horse Saddle See Saw

6. Suspend it with some chains or rope to make a swing.

Horse Saddle Swing

7. Mount it onto a wall to hide a plant pot.

Horse Saddle Wall Mount

8. Mount it onto a wall as a multi-purpose rack.Mounted horse saddle used as rack

9. Add some legs and turn your saddles into chairs. Saddle Barstools

10. Use some plywood to turn your saddle into a rocking horse. saddle1