How much space do I need to keep horses?  


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15/02/2017 2:05 pm  

Hello. I'm looking at buying a horse, but I'm not completely sure if I have enough space to keep one happy.

How big are your properties and how many horses do you have?

I saw a pony once that was on a relatively large bit of land near a road where I live and it had COMPLETELY eaten every last bit of grass. Very sad to see 🙁 Obviously, I don't want to do that to any horse that I own.

Any advice much appreciated 🙂

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17/02/2017 12:33 pm  

There's a nice, simple rule for this: 2 acres for the first horse and an extra acre for every horse after that. 

Apparently horses eat about 11 acres grazing throughout the year, so you need to keep up with that amount of eating.

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13/03/2017 9:38 pm  

If you're keeping your horses in a barn or paddock, their stalls or paddock will need to be cleaned daily. This is absolutely essential basic horse care. So the same problem arises as for feeding, and the same solutions apply. A horse is a large grazing animal, and needs a lot of space to move around in. If you keep your horse in a stall or small paddock most of the time, you'll find that you have trouble riding him or training him. He will get sour, and will have a lot of pent up energy. If you want essay related topic you can go for custom essay writing service will get better result.

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