The average cost to build a basketball court cover is $128,600. The price ranges from $31,000 up to $270,000, which the total price depending on the total area covered by the basketball court cover.

Small Ball Court Covers

Small ball court covers span an area the exact size of a full court; 28 metres x 15 metres. The cover is engineering to avoid the use of wire cross-bracing, making it safer for users.
Cost range: $25,000 – $35,000

Medium Ball Court Covers

Medium ball court covers span an area approximately the size of two full basketball courts. A typical project of this size would be 40 metres x 36 metres.
Cost Range: $100,000 – $150,000

Large Ball Court Covers

Large ball court covers span an area up to 60 x 40m.
Cost range: $220,000 – $300,000

Will I Need To Arrange Buildings Permits?

Ball court covers do require buildings permits, but these are usually not left to the end client to organise. A reliable builder will organise these on your behalf; we have an in-house expert who handles all permits.

Have You Built Ball Court Covers Before?

We’ve built over 80 ball court covers in the last 5 years and have built thousands of steel structures since our beginnings in 1975.
Our team includes engineers, draftsmen and project managers, all with years of experience in their field.

See a slideshow of our previous educational structures:
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Where Can I Find Out More?

You can download a brochure of our educational buildings, including testimonials & photographs