Our work with farmers is always about finding the most effective way do get the job done. It’s about functionality and reliability; how can we make sure the building does what it needs to and how can we make sure that it lasts a long time.
Large Vehicle In Farm GaragePeople building farming structures come back to us because they know we’re dedicated to quality and they know that we’re flexible. Whatever you need, we can work with our engineers and designers to make it happen.
Huge Farm Garage
This building was a large build for machinery storage. Because of the range of machinery being used, and the frequency with which they were moved around, the building needed to be large and easily accessible.
Long farm garageWe worked with the client to find a way to builda space that was large enough without comprising accessibility. We installed 12 metre clear span openings that allow even the largest machines to get in. The building was also accessible from both ends so there was no concern of accidentally blocking in other machinery.Machinery in farm garage
We left huge amounts of room so that machinery could be shifted around and reorganised. The project came together fantastically and is now an important part of a very productive and busy farm.