1. Make a door mat.

Baling twine doormat rug
This is definitely the work of someone who is very skilled (and has a lot of different colours of baling twine). Definitely a show-piece of twine mastery to work your way up to.

2. Shoelaces.

Baling twine shoelaces


The simplest and easiest way to make use of baling twine. Just thread it through your shoes and you’re ready to go.

Great for fixing up a broken set of laces.

3. A halter.


Baling twine halter
Baling twine hlater on horse

This is certainly one to be careful of – the twine could be too rough against your horses skin. But if you’re in emergency need of a halter and all you have is baling twine – this is a solution.

4. A hay feeder.

Baling twine horse feeder

Grab an old barrel, remove the bottom and attach a hand-woven baling twine net.

That’s all there is to it.

5. A lead.

Baling twine lead

This one requires a bit of braiding and weaving skill, but it makes a very professional-looking lead that can be quite useful.

Definitely worth experimenting with this idea.

6. Shoes.

Shoes made from baling twine

Complete honesty: these are not the most attractive shoes I have seen in my entire like.

But if you found yourself bare-footed in a barn with twine and hours to spare, they might be exactly what you need.

7. A woven chair.

Baling twine use on a chair


Chairs are often woven from wicker or straw – why not do the same with baling twine? This simple pattern looks neat, tidy, and isn’t too difficult.

8. A crochet mandala mat.

Crochet bailing twine rug


Anything that can be made from rope or wool can pretty much be made from baling twine. This beautiful mat would make a very nice addition to any barn (or any home, for that matter).

9. Carrots.

Carrots made from baling twine

These are adorable, a very nice addition to the outdoors spring decor.

Just make sure your horse doesn’t find them!

10. A hay net.

How to hand knot a baling hay net Using old baling twine for a hay net


Using some simple knotting techniques, you can put together a rough hay net to suspend for your horses.

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