Steel is an underutilised and overlooked design material, particularly when it comes to building homes. It’s humble, it’s simple but it’s also strong and attractive.

The Underrated Material

One of the most compelling reasons to work with steel when designing a house is its physical properties. It’s resistant to termites, can’t be water damaged and doesn’t become misshapen with heat. We also galvanise our steel, which means it’s completely resistant to rust.
Steel is also stronger than wood, completely recyclable and it’s resistant to fires. Steel framed homes make sense.


Steel is traditionally used for strong, simple structures that last a long time and do their job well. But it can also be used for complex buildings, which has pushed the form to new heights. It revolutionised architecture when it enables the building of high-rises, but it also has a place for smaller homes.

The building above is a bed and breakfast in Mt Buffalo. The simplicity and humility of the building suits the environment perfectly.

Steel can be combined with other materials, as seen in this home with wooden cladding.

It can also be pared-back to a low-insulation building to encourage a greenhouse warmth that allows plants and vegetables to flourish inside.
If you’re looking to create a unique home, with a memorable but humble personality, a habitable steel frame is the right decision for you.