For the ultimate in covered indoor dressage arenas look no further than Central Steel Build. We can build any dressage arena size or layout to suit your needs.

If you build an uncovered dressage arena you are fully exposed to the elements and your dressage training session or event can be interrupted by poor weather.
But if you choose an EQUINAbuild indoor dressage arena from Central Steel Build you will never be inconvenienced by inclement weather again. With a clear span roof and optional side wind shielding you have all the protection you need from high winds and driving rain.
In addition, your covered horse arena protects the arena floor, preventing it from becoming a flooded, muddy mess in wet weather. You can also add any number of custom options such as:
•   Kickrail system
•   Natural lighting
•   Gable or curved roof
•   Attached stables and/or barns
•   And much more…
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