A miniature horse named Shine was recently attacked by dogs and was considered unlikely to survive until veterinarians suggested creating a prosthetic limb using a 3D printer.
Shine’s hoof became infected after the dog attack and had to be amputated to keep Shine alive. After a 2-hour surgery, Shine had a completely new prosthetic limb and a second chance at life.
The prosthetic was created using radiograph scans of Shine’s hoof to create an exact replica.
Shine’s owners published this statement online:
Shine is a beautiful horse inside and out. On December 29, 2015 Shine was viciously attacked by a dog/dogs while standing in his paddock … Shine had punctures to his face, his bottom lip was torn, his front knee gashed open and his rear fetlock covered in blood … It was the worst thing I have ever seen in my life.
Shine healed up everywhere except his rear leg. It progressively got worse … Dr. Goodrich thought he would be a great candidate for amputation surgery and a prosthetic if he survived the surgery.
Although Shine was going to be a show horse, his owners have decided that they’d like to use Shine as an inspiring example, taking him to visited wounded soldiers and kids with disabilities.
‘If Shine can survive a life changing traumatic experience we want to encourage others to hold on and never give up either,’ they said.