We’ve built some excellent indoor riding arenas in our time – and we build a new one every 2 weeks.
We find that it’s helpful to have a look through some of our past projects if you’re deciding on what to build – or if you’re just interested.
Below are some good examples of great riding arenas.

This Ballarat indoor riding arena is a classic style and a classic colour. The open walls and the skylights let in a beautiful amount of light, making the space a pleasure to ride in.
Three sided arenas are a popular choice because they allow in light and breeze, but keep out colder weather.

A similar style, this indoor doesn’t have the skirting around the base. This costs slightly less but is just a pleasant to ride in once your inside the arena.
This project was built in Coonooer Bridge, Victoria.

A smaller option is to build an arena cover for half of your arena, as with this cover in Longlea, near Bendigo.
This allows you to train or perform in a smaller section of your arena under poor weather conditions.
This is a great option that opens up your space.

For larger projects, clients sometimes design equestrian complexes. The complex below, built in Mickleham, has an arena, stable and other facilities.

Stables that are directly attached to indoor arenas are excellent and functional.
This stunning building, in Goldie, Lancefield, shows the indoor arena from the stable area.

A great example of the power of a simple indoor arena. This silver-coloured indoor lets in light excellently and opens up a bright riding space.
This building is in Curlewis, Geelong.

Another cover-only, this cover extends over the entire riding arena. The results are much more open.
This cover will keep away the weather, but is also highly accessible for riders, their horses and their vehicles.
This cover is in Bald Hills, Hepburn.

Position is everything, as with this Swan Hill indoor. This client chose to build their indoor beside a row of trees.
The open side lets in the light, but the pine trees for a wind break.

Great landscaping can also improve the overall value of an indoor. This beautiful building has a rustic wooden fence and some tastefully placed plants that add a little something extra.
This indoor is in Redhill, on the Mornington Peninsula.

Curved arenas are available for those that want to make a bit more of an impression. The roof on this indoor really emphasises the size of the building, making the riding space seem huge.
This indoor is in Yellingbo, in the Yarra Ranges.