A backyard shed tends to be perceived as a rather humble structure for the use of ordinary people, not famous persons who people all around the world aspire to be. However there is quite a number of notoriously known persons whose backyard shed holds esteemed importance in their lives.

Roald Dahl 
Roald Dahl and his garden shed, right
Roald Dahl wrote most of his popular children’s books in his backyard shed of which was dubbed his “writing hut’. He scared his children and his grandchildren into not disturbing him when he was in there by telling them it contained wolves.

George Bernard Shaw 
George Bernard Shaw in his shed
George Bernard Shaw is a well known playwright, and is best known for plays such as Pygmalion. He wrote most of his plays on a typewriter in his backyard shed, which was on a turntable so he could move it according to the suns direction throughout the day.

Bill Oddie 
Bill Oddie in his garden shed
The well-known ‘Goodie’ loves his backyard shed, having described it as “one of few places I feel secure.” He has turned it into his own private oasis and personal space.

Barbara Hepworth 
Barbara Hepworth's Two Forms (Divided Circle) with her summer house beside it
The famous British artist and sculptor kept a bed in a small backyard shed at her home to take power naps in. This is now found at the Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden.

Roger Waters

Roger Waters from the band Pink Floyd turned his backyard shed into a recording studio, where he originated the demo tracks that became the bands album The Dark Side of the Moon. 

Vic Reeves 

The English comedian and artist admitted that he owns five different sheds in his backyard, as they give him a place to “take some time out to escape for an hour or two.”

Benjamin Britten

Britten created some of the most beautiful and famous pieces of music heard in the 20th Century in his shed at home.

Phil Pullman 

Phil Pullman is known to have used to only write his novels in his shed at home. He refused to have it cleaned, fearing it would disrupt the flow of his writing. When he moved into a different house he left the shed to the illustrator Ted Dewan on the condition that it would be used for creative work only.