How Much Does A Horse Barn Cost?

The average cost to build a horse barn is $76,800. They range in price from $20,000 to $80,000. Find out more here. 

The 5 Most Beautiful Barns Ever

For most riders, the barn and stable are not much more than functional spaces. Your horse always comes first, your barn and your stables are just spaces that keep your horse comfortable. That’s the beauty of the relationship; as long as you and your horse can be together, nothing else matters very much.
But there’s something a little bit special about the stable too. The cool air and the sweet smell of hay. It’s a private space where you can spend some quiet time looking after your horse.
And even though we love the intimacy of a simple, small stable, it’s fun to dream about huge barns with ornate decorations.
Below are some of the most interesting and ornate horse stables and barns in the world.

The Grand Stables of Chantilly

These incredible stables are part of a larger building that houses a prestigious art collection and overlooks a racecourse.
Grand Stables of Chantilly
Originally owned by the French noble family of Montmoncery, the stables were recently refurbished for $3 million. At the height of their usage, these stables housed 250 horses and 300 hunting dogs.
Interior of the Grand Stables of Chantilly

Rancho Paseana

This 228 acre ranch was bought for $18 million by Bill Gates, whose daughter rides competitively.
Bill Gates Home Horse Ranch
The palm trees, open space and the perfect cottage for horse-lovers make this a very nice place to be.
Interior of Bill Gates Horse Ranch

Christiansborg Palace

This incredible building in Denmark also has one of the most beautiful horse stables you will ever see.
Christiansborg Palace Royal Stables
Built in 1907, the building is the home of Danish parliament and the supreme court. It used to house 87 hunting horses and 165 carriage horses. Today it hold 20 carriage horses.
These horses are beautiful Klarubers from the Czech Republic. They are still used to transport the Danish Royal Family for traditional events.
Beautiful Christiansborg Palace Stables

Jackdaws Castle Stables

This 500 acre stable complex is every single one of your dreams combined into a single property. The place has everything; an indoor training area, an equine pool, equine treadmills, solariums and therapy bays.
Great image of high quality horse complex
This is where rider Zara Phillips trains, grand-daughter of Queen Elizabeth.
Horse solarium

Amazing Wooden-clad Barn

This private luxury horse barn has no particular historical significance, but it does look absolutely stunning. The incredible wooden interior gives the place a sophistication and level of class that would almost live up to the beauty of the horses themselves.
Wooden panelled interior of horse barn
A good horse stable is about matching your horse’s needs. It’s enjoyable to look at these kinds of lavish buildings. In the end, though, it’s about building something that suits a purpose; keeping your horse safe and comfortable.
Wood horse barn interior

Our Barns & Stables

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