Building a horse arena is a pretty big investment that you’ll likely put a lot of time and effort into.
You should be in complete control of the project so your arena ends up looking world-class.

This is all about the details, and there are a few simple things to remember that will make a huge difference:

Beautifully situated horse arena Melbourne

 Make use of existing trees & foliage

Dressage riding has always been about sophistication, skill and ceremony. Part of that is about beauty. A really world class horse arena makes use of the land around it.
If you have some existing gardens or trees with enough spare space to accommodate a horse arena, make use of it. We installed a horse arena behind a row of trees and it looked incredible (above).
Horse Arena Being Installed on flat ground surface

Install wooden kickboards

This simple detail will make your horse arena look like a prestige show room. Wooden panels look absolutely stunning.
They cost a lot more than a rubber alternative but they look impressive and classy.
Wood panel kickboards

Get the base right

A high-quality arena will have a perfectly level base.
Make sure that your landscaper and surfacer uses angular stones for the base. They will lock together and stay even.
Wall of dressage arena

Make sure your fence posts are strong

An even fence is important to the look of the arena. Make sure your builder installs the fence when they put up the arena.
If you put up your own fence, cement your posts deep into the ground to ensure it always looks straight.
Nicely lit indoor arena

Make use of natural light. 

The biggest effect on first impressions is lighting. The best arenas in the world are designed to draw in natural light.
Talk to your builder about this when you’re designing the arena. Open panels or raised centres aisles will capture natural light and make your arena look great.
A good company will take care of the handiwork and leave you to think about design. The little details are what turn a good horse arena into a great one.
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