Horse arenas are a big investment of time, money and effort. They’re also a big decision to make; if you’re considering building a horse arena, you have to be a passionate person. So it matters that you get it right.

Avoiding these five things will ensure that your arena stays useful and in good condition.

  1. Poor drainage.

If you arena floods when it rains, it’s going to be unusable for days. It will take time and effort to get things back to working order and you risk doing permanent damage (flooded surfaces can shift underfoot).
Indoor arenas generally solve this problem, but poor drainage can cause problems.

  1. Poor ventilation.

If you don’t have ceiling vents or large sliding doors, it will get stuffy and uncomfortable in your arena. This one is particularly dangerous because it’s easy to overlook. A lot of people focus on the design and the visuals of their arena without considering air flow.
The problem can be (and often is) made worse by dusty arena surfaces and stalls in the same building. There nothing worse for the health and enjoyment of riders and their horses. Poor ventilation can make a great arena nearly unusable.

  1. Poor lighting.

If an arena doesn’t let light in, everything will be made more difficult. Most people get this right for the main arena, but when it comes to tack areas and stalls, they’re often left with dark areas.
Lighting should be a high priority right from the start. The difference between an arena designed for natural light and a collection of ugly florescent lights is unbelievable. It’s such a shame to see good horse arenas ruined by this.

  1. Incorrect surfacing.

Different kinds of arenas need different surfaces. Don’t have a dusty surface indoors. Don’t use a sprinkling system on rubber surfacing.
When the surface is wrong, it’s uncomfortable for riders, horses and guests and makes it harder to enjoy the arena.

  1. Limited access points.

You will never regret putting in an extra access point. You will regret not being able to fit vehicles into your indoor. The difference is huge, though easy to overlook when you’re planning. If you think there’s any chance you’ll need to get a vehicle into your arena, install a roller door. Arenas without it make things much more difficult for everyone.

Extra tip:

You should always have light switches near doors. There’s nothing worse than fumbling your way across a dark room to get to a light when you’re working late at night.
If your thinking of building your own Indoor, work with us to achieve the best results.