How much does it cost to build a ball court cover?

COLA - Ball Court Cover
Ball court covers are great community investments; allowing people to play and exercise year-round.
But how much would it cost to build a court cover? Exact figures differ (you can get an exact quote in 24 hours here), but below is an estimate of the different price ranges you can expect to pay.


Small covers

How much does a small hangar cost
Smaller projects include things like covers for playgrounds, rather than entire ball court covers.
Small projects could be as large as 12m x 24m.
Cost range: $10,000 – $30,000

Medium covers

How much does a mid-sized hangar cost
Medium covers include full-sized ball court covers, ranging in size up to 30m x 23m.
Cost range: $30,000 – $90,000

Large covers

How much does a large airplane hangar cost

Large projects often cover multiple courts. These projects are often built by schools and large recreation centres. They range in size up to 48m x 43m.
Cost range: $90,000 – $300,000