How much does it cost to build an indoor riding arena?

Every job is unique, and the best way to answer this question is to get a quote.
Below we will give you estimates based on a roof-only indoor arena structure including installation and footings. Before any other work able to go ahead earthworks need to be completed so the site is ready for construction.

Please keep in mind while reading that these costs are indicative only and only include our scope of works. Prices can change depending on the location and conditions of the building site.


Small to medium equestrian buildings

How much does a small hangar cost
This covers anything up to a 40m x 21m roof-only indoor riding arena. A project of this size will include a roof to cover some portion of a riding arena.
Cost range: $70,000 – $90,000


Medium equestrian buildings

How much does a mid-sized hangar cost
Medium sized projects range in size, up to 60m x 21m. This is enough to cover a full-sized riding arena.
Cost range: $115,000 – $143,750


Large Equestrian Buildings

How much does a large airplane hangar cost
Large scale projects include combined indoor arenas and stables complexes. This category has no limit of sizing, rather we work with our client’s to provide the best equestrian facilities no matter how large the building is. They range from high end private-use arenas to industrial and public arenas.
Cost range: $200,000 – unlimited


What’s the average total cost?

The average cost of an indoor built in Australia is $180,000 These are most often full-sized indoor riding arenas that are fully enclosed.