How much does it cost to build an indoor riding arena?

Every job is unique, and the best way to answer this question is to get a quote.
Below we will give you estimates based on jobs we’ve done in the past and the general range of cost.

Small to medium equestrian buildings

How much does a small hangar cost
This covers anything up to a 30m x 21m indoor riding arena. A project of this size will include a roof to cover some portion of a riding arena.
Very small projects (like horse boxes or tie up covers) cost lower, at about $5,000
Cost range: $50,000 – $75,000

Medium equestrian buildings

How much does a mid-sized hangar cost
Medium sized projects range in size, up to 60m x 21m. This is enough to cover a full-sized riding arena.
Cost range: $100,000 – $125,000

Large Equestrian Buildings

How much does a large airplane hangar cost
Large scale projects include combined indoor arenas & stables complexes. These projects cover up to 77m x 46m. They range from high end private-use arenas to industrial and public arenas.
Cost range: $125,000 – $400,000

What’s the average total cost?

The average cost of an indoor built in Australia is $135,000. These are most often full-sized indoor riding arenas that are fully enclosed.

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