How much does it cost to build an office building or attached office?

Every job is unique and will have different demands and a different scope.
The best thing to do is request a quote – we’ll respond with a full quote within 1 working day.
As an introduction, we’ve estimated some figure below to give you a rough idea of what an office building project often costs. These estimates include all of the benefits of working with Central Steel Build, complete project management, engineer, design, building permits etc.

Small – medium office project


These projects include office extensions and warehouses.
Cost range: $20,000 – $100,000

Medium office projects


Medium projects often involve combined offices and warehouses.
Cost Range: $100,000 – $200,000

Large office projects


Larger projects involve large office spaces with attached ware houses.
Cost range: $200,000 – $300,000

Do I need to arrange a building permit?

As we are registered builders, we are able to take care of all the paperwork, including building permits, so you can focus on ensuring the project meets your needs.

Have you built many offices before?

We’ve build over 50,000 steel buildings since our beginning in 1975.
These have been all over Australia, across multiple industries.
You can have a look at the location of our buildings here:

Can I see photographs of your work?

You sure can. The best way is to download an XpandaBuild brochure, where we’ve collected images of our previous buildings and their features.