There is one drawback to the exciting holiday period that we all look forward to for the entire year, and that is all the unhealthy food and drink that goes along with it. There is nothing wrong with indulging in christmas treats however we have made a list of practical ways for your fitness to survive the holiday season.

Food Swaps

Swapping traditionally unhealthy foods for a more health-conscious option is the easiest way to cut back on excess calories. Swap your roast or fried potatoes for baked sweet potatoes, custard for greek yoghurt, fruit instead of sugary sweets.

Stay Active

Don’t quit your exercise routine just because you are on holidays. Use the break in your normal routine to mix things up and try something different. You could try a class on the holiday timetable, schedule a sunrise walk in the mornings, go hiking and enjoy active activities whilst on holiday. You won’t regret your choices when you start the New Year feeling fit and ready to go.

Choose Alcohol Wisely

Sugar-laden cocktails and mixers are the problem with a lot of people consuming too many calories in alcohol. Try to choose your alcohol wisely by choosing drinks with healthier mixers such as diet soda and soda water or kumbucha.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep deprivation is one of the easiest ways to lead yourself down a road of bad food choices and cancelled workout plans this Christmas. You cannot avoid late nights all together throughout the holiday period but it is a good idea to try to keep up a good sleep routine so you come back to work feeling ready to go again in the New Year.

Pace Yourself

Portion size is very important when facing a bountiful holiday roast meal as well as oodles of entree and desserts. If possible try to choose a smaller plate so you will have less food to eat and eat slowly which will give your brain time to catch up to the sensation of feeling full making you less likely to overeat.

Stay Hydrated

When you are out of your normal routine it is easy to forget about filling up your water bottle and staying hydrated. Try to drink water in between alcoholic beverages as alcohol will dehydrate you.