It is difficult for us all to try to keep fit during the colder weather. As the days get shorter, grey and miserable it is easy to miss training sessions from lack of motivation. You should arm yourself with some coping strategies to help you keep fit during the cold months. Here are some simple tips that you can try this winter to help maintain your fitness.

Warm Up Properly

You need to be sure you warm up your body before an outdoor workout. Cold and stiff muscles are prone to injury and can cramp more easily. Plus getting yourself warmed up inside before braving the elements can help you mentally to start your workout well.

Find A Workout Buddy

Having a workout buddy keeps you accountable to stick to your exercise routine and it can create a little friendly competition. It can be difficult to find someone on the same schedule as you though so don’t be discouraged if you are unable to make it work everyday.

Post Progress Pics

Join an online fitness group or post pics on social media of your progress in fitness. You will find likeminded persons who will motivate you to keep going even when its cold and nasty.

Try Something New

Try a new workout or find a new class to join. Doing something out of the ordinary usually creates excitement and holds your interest for longer.

Set A Goal For Spring

Spring will come sooner than you know so why not make a fitness goal that will help you through the winter months? With a goal to work towards you will be more likely to stick to your exercise plan.

Buy New Gear

New clothes or runners can be a good incentive for you to want to exercise, because you want to try out your new stuff.

Avoid Baggy Clothes

Don’t let yourself wear baggy comfy clothes all through winter, this will not let you know if you have stacked a little on from too much hot chocolate and desserts.

Personal Training

Hire a personal trainer for the gym or some other exercise. This will keep you motivated to get to the gym or out for a run. It is a trainer’s job to push you safely through your exercising.

Download A New Fitness App

Download an app that specialises in indoor workouts that you could try in the comfort of your own home without stepping foot outside. There are so many varieties of workouts online that are designed specially around limited equipment and/or doing it at home.