Huge Australian Equestrian Complex
This is one of the most impressive indoors we’ve built, with a 6 stall stable, a barn and dressage arena combined into a single space.
Dog In Interior of Horse Arena
The entrance of the building looks fantastic, where two large wood sliding doors have been set up to greet riders. The huge façade was made of a deep blue metal, which looks great against the trees and grass surrounding the complex. It’s the perfect kind of understated style; it looks great without breaking up the overall feel of the environment.
Interior Of Large Dressage Arena
The interior features a large sized dressage arena and a collection of horse stalls.
Horse complex and small tractor for raking surfaces
We loved working on this project with The Horse Shed Shop, who project managed this build on behalf of gold medal grand prix dressage rider Lone Joergensen. It’s always a satisfying experience to see such a grand project come together so perfectly.

Finding a way to realise our clients’ dreams is exactly what Central Steel Build is about. This is the perfect example of what happens when we work with a client to produce something truly great.