If you’re planning on building an indoor arena, if you’re already taking the first steps, or if you’re just in the market to dream, coming up with ideas is the most enjoyable part.
Let’s look at some interesting ideas and inspiring suggestions for features and details you could put into a private indoor arena.
mounting from wall

Built-in mounting steps

This is a great idea that will be appreciated by everyone that uses your arena. Get a hidden mounting block built into the wall. Flip it down when in use and hide it away again when you’re finished.
Wood panel kickboards


This product allows you to put slanted walls into the interior of your arena with ease. Just attach your chosen boarding to the metal frame and the interior of your arena is complete! The slanted walls will prevent your feet and legs from being crushed when your horse nears the edge.

One-way Mirrored Viewing Area

Install a viewing area that looks onto the arena for your guests. If you use one-way mirroring, they’ll be able to watch without concern of spooking your horse. You can also use the mirror as a regular training mirror, picking out the details of your performance.

Hooks in the tack area

You can never have too many hooks – set them up for ease of use. Another simple thing to remember is to make sure you have a lot of electrical sockets for each stall you might have. Simple tips, but worth remembering.
natural light

Translucent panels up high

Making use of natural light is the one decision you will never, ever regret. Transparent or translucent panels are great for letting in light without losing too much of your buildings insulating ability.
Viewing Area

Air-condition your viewing area

A really nice viewing area gives your arena a VIP feel. A simple air conditioning unit and some nice furniture will do the trick.
Huge Australian Equestrian Complex

Sliding doors on all four sides

Four sliding doors on each side will make your arena absolutely beautiful in warmer weather. The breeze will be wonderful, you’ll avoid any stuffiness, and you’ll let in natural light.

To see some examples of indoor horse arenas with these features, download our brochure at the top of the page.