Contact tracing on-site through COVID-19

Throughout COVID-19 construction and other essential industries have had to adapt and find ways to pursue activities in the most normal ways possible. Contact tracing devices as small as a credit card are changing the face of contact tracing and assisting the construction industry to continue operating midst the pandemic.

Before this year, contact tracing was a foreign concept to basically every industry apart from medical professions. However, as COVID-19 has changed our lives dramatically, contact tracing is known as a household term now and is one of the most effective ways to control the spread of the virus.

Despite being classed as an essential industry and being able to continue work through restrictions, construction sites in Victoria have radically reduced personnel for safety. When Victoria was subject to Stage Four lockdown every construction site had to introduce a COVID-Safe plan.

Health Technology company Contact Harald has created a innovative solution for fast and effective contact tracing for work sites which pairs wearable proximity detecting cards with a contact tracing platform. This solution was created by their parent company Safedome.

As a wearable device, no bigger than an identification card, the system can trace people on-site and log any situations where social distancing is compromised for longer than 2 minutes. Master Builders Australia guidelines for social distancing define that a distance of 1.5 metres should be implemented whenever possible on building sites. The cards are designed to be worn all day when working on-site with a battery life of six to eight months. A flashing light comes on to warn the user when they have a month’s battery left.

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