The biggest industrial warehouse in Australia belongs to CEVA, the fourth largest logistics company in the world. This massive construction is half a kilometer long and equivalent to the size of eight MCG playing fields. The building sports 4000 square meters of rooftop solar panels, rainwater storage, smart movement-sensing lights that switch off and on automatically, all contributing to a 5 star green star rating.

Safety is also a priority of the site as technology such as advanced racking, traffic management and material handling systems are all used. The company is also trialing the installment of motion sensors in all forklifts that can detect anyone close to the forklift in tagged safety vests. The software can also shut down forklifts involved in an incident and tracks their movements, cargo weight, both vertically and horizontally to increase efficiency.

The industrial shed is located in western suburbs of Melbourne and acts as a staging, storage and distribution point a wide variety of different companies selling goods from shoes to automotive. The building is facilitated as the forefront of a continually changing logistics center, where smart building technology is used to handle all aspects of storage and distributions of goods.