COVID-19: Guide for gym owners

The fitness business is currently one of the most highly impacted industries by COVID-19. Here we have collated some helpful tips and resources to assist gym owners in meeting the challenges Corona virus brings.

Firstly, it is important provide proactive communication with your members and have a plan to keep the business going.

By this time the physical location of your business is possibly closed or under strict guidelines. It is a good idea to get in touch personally on the phone with each of your members to let them know what you are offering and how you can provide value to their lifestyle whilst the building is closed.

Some ideas for offering more value are to introduce at-home programming options and online videos to take clients through workouts. Also consider offering 1-on-1 coaching, nutrition consultations, food and diet plans, recipes, outdoor workouts, etc. It is important to stand out from competing companies, especially those that are based online and keep your clients loyal. It is a time to over-deliver value for money in order to minimise the risk of losing membership revenue.

A great resource to help you get online coaching started is by Two Brain Business here.

Open and transparent communication with your member base is perhaps one of the best things you can deliver to keep membership revenue. Explain to your members the following:

  • Why your gym facility is closing and when you plan to open (after restrictions have eased).
  • Express empathy that the client may be experiencing financial hardship due to affects of the pandemic.
  • Highlight the importance of physical health through times of stress and isolation.
  • Explain thoroughly the value clients will still receive from their membership, emphasizing any new assets included in the membership package.

If you haven’t implemented an online forum and training programs yet, here is an informative set of instructions.

Continue communicating with your client base more than usual (without being annoying) and find new ways to engage your community. You can also reach out to persons that are not part of your community through offering remote challenges or new online coaching packages.

It may seem a while away, in some states more than others but it is a good idea to plan how your gym will operate when it opens again. New guidelines and hygiene measures will be in place post pandemic, have a plan of how you will work with them to create the ‘new norm’ within your facility.

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