What does it cost to build a fertiliser shed?

These figures are approximate, but offer an accurate view of the range of costs involved with projects of this kind.
To get an exact figure, contact us with details of your project. You will receive a full quote within 1 working day.

Small to Medium Fertiliser Sheds

Small fertiliser shed
Small fertiliser sheds allow room for industrial quantities of fertiliser that cover areas smaller than 50m x 50m.
Cost range: $150,000 – $180,000

Medium warehouses

Medium Fertiliser Shed
Medium fertiliser sheds cover areas approximately 50m x 50m.
Cost Range: $180,000 – $220,000

Large warehouses & factories

Large Fertiliser Shed
Large fertiliser sheds including buildings over 60m in length.
Cost range: $220,000 – $290,000

What kind of building permit will I require?

You will require a permit, and for large buildings, these come with a list of requirements. However, this is something that we take care of internally. Our clients don’t have to worry about applications or getting caught up in council regulations. We have a dedicated permit manager.

What kind of experience do you have?

Central Steel Build was established in 1975 and has since built thousands of sheds Australia-wide. We’ve been involved with small projects and large projects, often on scales that cover 7 acres of area.
We have an extremely knowledgeable team that knows what a client needs and knows how to deal with the challenges large projects entail.

Here from Jim Riordan, who built three enormous grain & fertiliser sheds in Lara for his company:

Can I Download Photos of Your Buildlings?

Absolutely. You can view a collection of our photos in our brochures. For industrial fertiliser sheds, download our industrial brochure. For rural fertiliser sheds, download our rural brochure.
You can also view photos below: