The emotional complexity of horses is an amazing & profound thing.
Below is a photo of Zindita, a mare that was due to give birth. Unfortunately, her baby was upside-down inside the womb, and when the birth took place, things went terribly wrong.
Zindita survived, but the baby did not.
Clearly distraught, Zindita struggled to recover after the event.
Nearby, veterinarians had gone through a similar experience, a foal’s mother had died whilst giving birth. They saw an opportunity and introduced the pair to each other.
Zindita became immediately protective of the foal, as you can see in the photo below.
But would they bond enough to stay together?
The photo above was taken hours after their meeting.
The photo below shows them weeks later. The pair got along excellently. Zindita looks after the foal as if it were her own and both mother and child are happy and healthy.
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