All of our large sheds are custom designed to our clients needs. They’re fabricated in Kyneton, Victoria by local workers and are engineered on a per job basis.

You can get a sense for the range of farm sheds we’ve built and their rough cost estimates below:

Average Cost: $83,979. 
Our dairy sheds include rotary milking sheds, loafing barns, covers, calfing sheds and any other dairy shed you might require.
Testimonial: Click here to see Mark Brisbane talk about his milking shed in Dhurringile. 

Average Cost: $143,068. 
Our grain sheds range significantly in size, from the enormous hundred-metre grain sheds for Riordan near Geelong, to small farm grain sheds that cost less than $75,000.
Testimonial: Click here to watch Jim Riordan talk about his multi-million dollar grain sheds.

Average Cost: $66,783. 
We’ve built over 300 hay sheds around Australia. Our customers return because of our galvanised frames, our superior strength, and our down to earth communication.
Testimonial: Click here to watch Mark Oxley talk about the hay sheds he built for Oxley Feed Mills. 

Average Cost: $81,693. 
Protecting your machinery is as important as the machinery itself. We ensure that your shed is purpose built to cover the area you need it to.
Testimonial: Click here to see drone footage of McClure’s Excavations; built to hold large excavation machinery.

Average Cost: $550,000 – $2,200,000
Saleyards are often extremely large, communal buildings. We have built the Hamilton saleyards and the Ballarat saleyards, with more currently in progress.
Testimonial: Hear about how the Hamilton Saleyards have helped change livestock sales. 

Average Cost: $65,685. 
We have built shearing sheds to accommodate all kinds of internal set ups. With strength, durability and usability our focus, Central Steel Build sheds are perfect for shearing operations.

Average Cost: $74,503.
Covering your livestock is essential to their health and well-being. We’ve built hundreds of yard covers and have detailed experience with a range of livestock, from pigs through to goats.
Testimonial: Click here to see the goat yard cover we built for the Pell family in Undera.