It is very important for a packing produce shed to fulfil its purpose flawlessly in order to keep your produce in the best condition for sale, and to make the process of packing and unpacking a relatively simple one. Here are a few tips that are considered important when creating the ideal packing shed.

packing shed

Make sure your packing shed is close to the paddocks containing your crop, so it is an easy job to move the harvest to the packing shed. The vehicle that will be transporting your harvest should be able to access the shed without troubles also.

The right amount of space 
It is imperative that you plan your packing shed to the right dimensions so everything that needs to happen inside can do so easily and practically. Every packing shed will be designed differently according to the type of harvest it is specified to hold. Try to design your packing shed so the process will be streamlined and efficient.

Good lighting 
Good lighting is important in a packing shed as it will allow you to see defects that may in your harvest. The best lights to show up flaws are SP-30 fluorescent or tungsten halogen quartz. Also don’t forget to put windows into the design of your packing shed in perspective of health and safety for workers.

The best flooring surface for a packing shed is concrete. Concrete allows for the use of wheeled trollies and other necessary tools like a pallet jack. Ensure your concrete floor slopes towards a drain to make it easy to wash.

Ensuring cleanliness is important in packing sheds to prevent food borne illnesses. The biggest cause for spread of germs is contamination from the handlers hands. Install a sink and tap with hot running water so employees can wash their hands before touching food. Make sure wash tubs and surfaces that are likely to contact produce should be easy to keep clean.

Washing water  
Removing water from washing produce is just as important as getting in in there. Plan for drainage when you design your wash station. It is common for local governments to require wash water to be put through a septic system. When planning this don’t make the mistake of hooking your packing shed up to your houses septic system, it will overwhelm the system with too much water.

Work flow 
The most efficient layout for packing sheds is one that will avoid extra steps and crossing paths. It will also move in the direction of the worker’s leading hand. Try to think about the process your produce has to undertake and how to make this operate in a streamlined practical way.