One of the most important factors in the construction of any kind of shed is to make sure that it is strong, sturdy and made to last. Not all sheds are constructed at the same level of quality, and the cheaper option will often not be as reliable and long lasting.

What is the difference?

C Section vs RHS Steel 


Cheaper sheds are mostly built from C- Section Steel which has only 3 sides to it, and are made from a single sheet of metal. A higher quality shed will be constructed from RHS Steel, which is a section of fully enclosed, sturdy steel with a hollow center. Central Steel Build uses RHS that is thick, solid with a rectangle shape that allows it to take stress vertically and horizontally. This means the shed will be more resistant to high winds and heavy loads.


Benefits of Galvanized Steel 

Galvanizing steel describes a process by which the steel is coated in zinc. This protects steel against rust and the elements for a longer period of time. It is suggested by the Galvanisers Association of Australia that galvanized steel will last up to 50 years in Australian rural environments, and 25 years for harsh coastal conditions.

Galvanizing the steel will not only stand up against weather conditions, it will withstand against corrosion, adding to the long lasting quality of your shed.


What makes Colourbond steel a necessity when building your shed is that it will ensure outstanding anti-corrosion performance. Also Colourbond roofs will not fade overtime, so your shed will look like new for years to come.

The Colourbond steel used on our sheds is made to meet Australian Standards, ensuring a high quality products, with the Colourbond finish.