Aircraft hangars are meticulously designed and engineered constructions, custom to protect and serve the pilot and the plane. Take a look at this array of the largest and most impressive hangars that the world has to offer.
Aerium Hanger
This impressive hangar was built in the 1990’s in Brandenburg Germany. It’s purpose was to house the production and storage of the CL 160 CargoLifter airship. This enormous aircraft was never actually built and thus it is now a resort and waterpark named Tropical Islands. The Aerium Hangar is the world’s largest freestanding hall, being the size of 181,500 square feet.
Hangar 365
This hangar is known as ‘Big Texas’, being placed on San Antonio’s Kelly Airforce Base. It is the size of 600,00 square feet. As it is actively used in the US military not much else is known to the public of its uses and purpose.
Hanger One 

Hangar One is located in the San Francisco Area of California. It was opened in 1933 and roughly covers 348,964 square feet. Formally this large building housed the U.S.S. Macon but is now leased by Google.
Hanger B

Hangar B is situated in Oregon U.S.A. it was built in 1943 by the U.S Navy during the Second World War. It houses both aircrafts and blimps throughout this period. It is now part of the Tillamook Air Museum. Being as big as 317,000 square feet, it is still one of the world’s largest clear-span wooden structures.
Boeing Everett Factory

Washington U.S.A houses the Boeing Everett Factory which is technically a production plant instead of a hangar even though the factory does store newly finished Boeing planes. It is open to the public and is a popular tourist attraction being the world’s largest free-standing structure at 4.3 million square feet.
Lockheed Air Terminal

This hangar has been in use since the Second World War. It is 163,344 square feet. At the time of the war netting camouflaged the entire airport to ensure from the air it looked like rural area, to prevent bombing attacks from enemy forces. The image above illustrates the rural disguise used in the war over the airport.
Spruce Goose Dome

This unique structure is located on Long Beach, California. In the past it has housed Hughes Aircraft’s H-4 Hercules. This aircraft has the largest wingspan of any aircraft ever to be built. However it was never deployed as it was not yet completed by the end of the Second World War, for which it was developed. It covers 75,000 square feet and is now used as an event space for the Queen Mary Hotel.
Hangar 7

This is an extremely famous hangar through Europe, standing in Salzburg Austria. It was built in the 1990’s by Dietrich Mateschitz, the founder of the energy drink Red Bull. It is 71,832 square feet and currently houses one of a kind planes owned by a group of aircraft enthusiasts known as the Flying Bulls. It also holds the Restaurant Ikarus, which is a famous high- class restaurant with rotating guest chefs.