When thinking about building a shed you will have to consider the possibility of needing certain permits, so your shed can be legally constructed. For a shed there are two types of permits that you may need to obtain.

Building Permits
A Building permit is required for most building work. When designing and constructing a complete structure, such as a shed you will need a Building permit. The purpose of this permit is to ensure that the construction will comply with Australian Standards and that it is suitable for use. These types of permits can be obtained from any registered builder.

Planning Permits 
Not every construction requires a planning permit. These permits relate to the use and development of land. To find out if you need a planning permit you will be required to contact your local council. Each council has their own planning scheme, thus requirements for permits will vary for each council. It is up to you to find out from your council whether a Planning permit is required for the construction of your shed.