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Project overview




4 weeks


Turf One


August 2019

St Johns College 


St. John's Regional College, a Catholic co-educational secondary school in Dandenong, Victoria.

The brief 

As a part of their seven-stage masterplan, St Johns College required a new 60m x 38m x 8m roof to be erected over three basketball courts.

St Johns College employed Turf One as project manager for the overall project who contracted Central Steel Build for the design, construction and installation of a new ball court cover to go over the existing courts. The cover needed to provide sufficient safe area around the courts without any obstructions. 

Our scope + build details 

  • structural concrete engineering
  • 3D structural steel drawings
  • Fabricated steel package (hot dip galvanised)
  • purlins and girts
basketball court cover

Challenges + solutions 

Our client wanted the ball court cover to be a modern statement piece of architecture. We provided different options of design including a curved roof cover which was chosen. 

To ensure school yard safety for students playing inside the cover, CSB designed the building to have round columns and no wall bracing to prevent unwanted sharp edges and obstacles. 

Working with tight site access, our project management team and installers collaborated closely to ensure the roof lift went smoothly. 


Client testimonial

“Central Steel Build delivered an excellent product. Their ability to work safely in a live, busy school environment during the construction phase was appreciated and we’re very pleased with the result. Most importantly we’re delighted the students get to reap the benefits the covered sports structure provides.”


- Tim Hogan, St Johns Principal 

curved roof ball court cover