What is the difference between steel and wooden frames?

Steel framed houses are gaining popularity as more people begin to see the benefits of going with steel over wood for their housing project. The idea of using a steel frame for housing is not new,  however in the past wooden frames being less expensive remained a more common choice. If you are planning for the design and construction of a custom home it is worth considering the differences between steel and wood frames of which we have outlined below.


Both wood and steel framed houses if built by a registered builder will be in accordance with national standards. However a steel frame is a lot more resistant to weather extremes. If you are planning to build in an area susceptible to bush fires it is a good idea to opt for a steel frame as it is far less likely to be damaged by heat and flame exposure. To construct a fireproof home you can combine a steel frame with stone work, resulting in not only a practical but aesthetically pleasing structure.

Central Custom specialises in the design, value engineering and installation of steel framed houses. We do not offer services to install cladding other than Colorbond. Clients planning for other cladding will often work with a third party builder for this part of the project. 

Custom design 

Architecturally designed homes are often built with a steel frame due to the strength and unique adaptability of the material. Steel is able to span larger distances than wood and can be fabricated into unique curves or shapes that are not possible using a wooden frame.

Construction time

Construction time will always depend on the builder you are working with, although steel framed houses are able to be put together much faster than wooden frames usually. This often saves clients time and costs involved in installation work.

Eco friendly

If you are wanting to make a positive difference on the environment and build a ‘greener’ home, steel is the best option to use for the frame. Steel can be infinitely recycled, so if your house is ever removed or altered the steel can be recycled, where as timber is less recyclable.

Termite trouble

Termites can cause serious issues with the strength and durability of homes with wooden frames. With a steel frame termites are unable to damage the structural integrity of the building. Using a steel frame in your house could save you significant costs of repairing termite damage that are prevalent in wooden constructions.