Wood remains the most popular option for building houses, but steel frames are also worth considering.
Steel-framed houses have been around for a long time, but their slightly higher cost keeps most people from using them. Steel and timber can both make strong houses, and both meet national guidelines.
So what is the difference? What are the reasons for considering building a house with a steel frame?

  1. They’re safer.

A steel framed house is much more resistant to weather extremes than wood framing. Steel framing is particularly important for Australian buildings because they’re often in danger of bushfires. Steel is much less likely to be damaged by fire, and can combined with stone work to create a fire-resistant home.
Central Steel Build only builds frames. Our clients often hire third parties to install things like stone facades.

  1. Freedom of design.

Steel is known for its strength and adaptability. If you want to design a home that’s unique and interesting, steel is your best option. It can span larger distances and can be fabricated into unique shapes and curves that aren’t possible with wood.

  1. Faster construction.

Steel home house frames can be put together much faster than wood frames, saving you the time and costs involved with installation.

  1. Steel frames are recyclable.

Steel frames are much better for the environment. They can be recycled if your house is ever removed or changed and they aren’t sourced from forests like timber is.

  1. Termite resistance.

Termites won’t be able to damage the structural integrity of your home. Although steel framed houses aren’t entirely termite-proof (wood details can still be damaged), it’s highly unlikely that any significant costs will be spent repairing termite damage.
To find out more about out steel-framed buildings, download a DesinaBuild brochure at the top of our website.